How do I inflate my comfybag?

It really couldn’t be simpler. Just open the two front openings, one after the other, sweep your comfybag through the air a couple of times, then roll the end up and fasten the catch. See how effortless it really is on our instruction video.

How do I deflate my comfybag?

Easy. Unclip the opening and let the air flow out. Roll up your comfybag squeezing out any excess air, then fold it once, pop it in its carry bag and you’re on your way.

What is my comfybag made from?

Comfybag is made from nylon. And because we want you to have pristine nature to relax in, we use only environmentally-friendly materials.

What surfaces can I use my comfybag on?

Thanks to its unique design and high quality materials, you can use comfybag on practically any surface worry-free. Even on mountains, rocks and other jagged surfaces, comfybag lets you enjoy your surroundings in effortless comfort.

How big is my comfybag?

Comfybag weighs 1.2 kg and is 23 x 35 cm folded in its carry bag. Fully inflated, it measures 220 x 69 cm. Plenty of room to stretch out on.

How much weight can my comfybag take?

We recommend not putting more than 160kg of weight, equivalent to about 2 people, on your comfybag.

How can I tether or secure my inflated comfybag when no one is using it?

Simple. Just tie the closing loop to a secure object (a tree, a backpack etc.). If there are no secure objects around, fill the carry bag with rocks or sand and tie the closing loop to it.

Is my comfybag waterproof and does it float?

Comfybag is made from waterproof, quick drying material so getting it wet is no problem. While it’s buoyant when inflated, it isn’t designed to be used as a floating device.

Where do you ship to and what are your rates?

We use a network of professional partners around the globe for our shipping, meaning we can deliver anywhere.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard


1. Preparation for delivery - up to 48 hours (working days only)

2. Shipping time:

UK - 3-5 working days

International - 6 - 12 working days. Depends on country.